Sponsorship / Adverstising

8:13 PM

There are 3 ways that i offer to you for Sponsorship / Advertising :

1. Sponsored product will be post on my blog. Send me you product / i will choose your product by myself ( it could be cloths, accessories, shoes, or anything that i can wear ) i will wear your product , post it on my blog and linked to your shop. All products that given to me can not be returned back to you.

2. Side bar advertisement. Price depends on how long your ads want to be display on my blog. for more information about the price and size that you want, please email me here : ade.kurnia_11@yahoo.co.id

3. Giveaway Product. i will make a giveaway from your product and it depends on to whom you want it to be given, Indonesian only or Internationally.

-- if you had any ideas for the sponsorship / advertising , feel free to tell me and please contac me here : ade.kurnia_11@yahoo.co.id --

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