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Fertilization process

do you know what is fertilization? Fertilization is the fusion of two gametes which form the nucleus or nucleated cells to form a single cell or fusion nucleus. Can you tell me the process of fertilization?

During sexual intercourse, a man his semen out of his body about 3 cc and every 1 cc , semen normally contains about 100 to 120 milion sperm cell. After semen radiated into the base of the female genital tract, this millions sperm cell will be running rush past an uterine cavity, fight each other to reach the mature egg cell existing in the fallopian tubes across the uterus.

Just In one hour since out of a man’s body, some sperm cell can get to the fertilization place. But, from more than a millions sperm cell, just one sperm cell who be the first to touch egg cell and allowed to fertilize. After one sperm cell success to fertilize an egg cell that is only one. Then there was a change on the surface of egg cell until the other sperm cell cant enter. Finally, million of the other sperm cell that cannot compete will be die by itself.

This fertilization process or cenciption process normally happen in the “fallopian tubes” is a small canal connecting between bladder eggs and uterine cavity. The bladder eggs and uterus located at two separate places and this fallopian tubes connecting both of them. When the ovulation, mature egg cell coming out of the bladder eggs is able to move into this hole fallopian tubes. For the next wait for the arrivalof sperm cell in there.

also to be understood that normal sperm cell from a man is always in a state ripe at any time and ready to fertilize an egg cell at any time. This is not like egg cell only mature once each menstrual cycle and only a one can be cook. Sperm egg even longer so it can be alive between 1 to 3 days, not like egg cell that can be alive just a few hour after ovulation. In 3 days before ovulation a woman possible to pregnant.

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