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*this is one of my hobbies* make drama script , perhaps aside from being a doctor , i could be a script water *hahaha* yea , its just my hobby . i have more drama script , but in indonesian.


Once upon a time, in the dadapan village, lived a poor widow, her name is nyi dadapan with her adopted son who is very handsome, brave and strong , his name is ande-ande lumut .

Nyi dadapan : ande-ande lumut , how about the girl who want to be your wife?

Ande2 lumut : now, I don’t think about marriage mom .

Nyi dadapan : but you're old enough to marry

Ande2 lumut : yes mom , but I don’t have the candidate's wife

Nyi dadapan : what if , we tell to everyone about you . maybe,there is a girl that you like.

as an obedient son to his mother. Ande-ande lumut agree with his mother. Nyi dadapan call one of dayang-dayang to help her to tell everyone about her son who looking for a wife.

Dayang2 : what happen mom ?

Nyi dadapan : can you help me to tell to everybody that my son looking for a wife?

Dayang2 : oke mom . I will help you .

The dayang2 go away .

Not far from dadapan village, there is a karang wulusan village. There lived a widow,her name is nyi menah with her two daughter, kleting merah and kleting hijau .but her daughter is very lazy, only can dress up.

Nyi menah : kleting merah , can you help me ?

Kleting merah : oh mom ! im soo busy , you can do it by yourself

Nyi menah : kleting hijau , can you bring me a broom?

Kleting hijau : I'm grooming you take it out

when you're sweeping, came a beautiful girl with a very shabby clothes.

Kleting kuning : excuse me mom, im soo hungry . can I get some food and drink ?

Nyi menah : whats your name sweety? Why did you get here?

Kleting kuning : I’am kleting kuning mom . I lost my way , I don’t know the way to back home .

Nyi menah : how poor you’re . you can stay here if you want .until you remember the way back .

Kleting kuning : really ? thank you soo much mom .

Then , nyi menah give her some food and drink and also a clothes. During she stay in there, she always helped nyi menah that is way kleting merah and kleting hijau don’t like her.

In the morning .

Kleting hijau : hei stink ! help mother to carry her groceries.

Kleting kuning : oke , I will .

A moment later, there came a dayang2 who brings a news

Dayang2 : excuse me mom ,do you have a daughter ?

Nyi menah : yeah , what happen ?

Dayang2 : I have a news. About a handsome man who looking for wife .

heard that kelting merah and kleting hijau were soon out of the house.

Kleting merah : who’s he ?

Dayang2 : he lived in dadapan village . and his name is ande-ande lumut , he looking for a wife . you can come to his house if you want .

Kleting merah : we must go there today .

Dayang2 : oke , I have told you about that . I will go now .

After they heard about the news , they go to the dadapan village . but, when they arrived at the lake that limitid dadapan village and karang wulusan village . they look confused .

Kleting hijau : how now ?

Kleting merah : I cant swim .

Suddenly there came a giant crab named yuyu kangkang. With a sly face yuyu kangkang tried to offer assistance to both of girls.

Yuyu kangkang : where you go ?

Kleting merah : we want to go to dadapan village , but we cannot swim .

Yuyu kangkang : hahaha ,don’t worry ,I will help you both . I will give you a lift .

Kleting hijau : what do you mean?

Yuyu kangkang : you go up to my back, then I will take you across the river

Kleting hijau : hmp , okey .

Yuyu kangkang : but, after that I have to kiss you .

with the two of them forced to comply with a request yuyu kangkang . after arrive in the across the lake yuyu kangkang kiss them .

kleting merah : iyuuuh ! its bad . disgusted !

a moment later,kleting kuning go to the lake. She saw that kleting merah and kleting hijau arrived in across the lake, and kissing by yuyu kangkang .kleting kuning find away for her not to kiss yuyu kangkang

kleting kuning : I must find a way

she saw the chiken manure and take it .

kleting kuning : I will put this filth into my cheek, then he will not kiss me

kleting kuning go to the lake .

yuyu kangkang : hai ! do you want to across this lake , like the other ?

kleting kuning : yeah , but I cant swim .

yuyu kangkang : don’t worry , I’ll help you

kleting kuning : really ?

yuyu kangkang : yes , you go up to my back . but, after that I will kiss you

when she arrived in the bank of lake.

Yuyu kangkang : now, I will kiss you .

Kleting kuning chiken manure to her cheek. When yuyu kangkang want to kiss her .

Yuyu kangkang : iyyuuuh ! you are so digusted.i don’t to kiss you ! go away from me .

Kleting kuning move quickly to the ande-ande lumut house, but before she go she clean her cheek first .

In dadapan village .

Dayang2 : mom , I have told everygirls about ande-ande lumut who looking for wife .

Nyi dadapan : oh okey ! thank you soo much .

After the moment , kleting merah and kleting hijau was came and meet ande-ande lumut.

Nyi dadapan : whats your name?

Kleting merah : I’am kleting merah and this is my sister

Kleting hijau : I’am kleting hijau .

Nyi dadapan : son ,there are a beautiful girl, her name is kleting merah who want to be your wife .

Ande2 lumut : i don’t want receive the girl who kissed by yuyu kangkang

Nyi dadapan : how about the other girl ? her name is kleting hijau .

Ande2 lumut : she also kissed by yuyu kangkang

They look soo sad , because ande-ande lumut doesn’t like their smell

After that , kleting kuning come . ande-ande lumut was surprised .

Ande2 lumut : dinda candra kirana , finally I found you.

Kleting kuning : inu kertapati ? is it you ?

Ande2 lumut : yes my princess , for long time I’m looking for you . and now I found you here. Until I meet nyi dadapan and I become her adopted son .

Kleting kuning : really ? I’m sorry I disappear for a long time

Inu kertapati prince be a ande-ande lumut for looking his soulmate kleting kuning or dinda candra kirana. Finally they combaine . when , they are married they invite nyi dadapan, nyi menah and her daughter . they lived happy together forever.


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