holiday :D

2:03 PM

last holiday, i and my lovely parents go to the tenggarong , a district in East Kalimantan and i love that district by the way because there are very quiet and comfortable to be occupied . and you know ! there is a park which I think is a very beautiful park . I went to the mulawarman museum there is a little scary ~ grrrr . this is some picture when i was there

and by the way, in the Mahakam River in Tenggarong there is a tourist island which can be visited, but unfortunately I was not on vacation there :( this is some picture of that island , and there is a symbol of royal statue, the statue was named lembu suana .

at all i really enjoyed my holiday in there , and i want to go there again :D someday maybe , i hope my holiday this weekend will be a nice holiday and also my next holiday :D

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