in the hot day

8:58 PM

this is my other skull collection . i dont know why i really love it <3 . ometimes the skull looks scary for some people, but to me that the skull looks cool and cute :D
now I'm looking for necklaces, bracelets and rings of the skull. but so far I haven't found a unique and interesting one . I look at the accessories store, but I do not find it .
huh ! quite annoyed and tired for looking that things .

and by the way , this picture was taken by my lovely mom :* ( always love you mom )
in the sunny and hot day !
i wear shorts and white T-shirt that I bought in the matahari department store .

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  1. What a beautiful hair you got :D
    love that short :)


  2. nice top !!!! great blog ! follow each other ?

    have you seen my latest post ?

  3. love your shirt girl ..we go for skulls :D
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  4. you look so cute and comfortable. very nice for a hot day!

    i just came across your blog. i think its great. i hope you will come visit mine and maybe we can follow eachother!

  5. Thank you, you're too kind!!! Love your t-shirt!!!
    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  6. am I the first? lol
    First i want to say nice photoshoot! what kind of camera do you use?

    second, Skulls may scary sometimes. But 'Your' skull is really cute :D

    third, thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. Yep I went to Washington DC. Such a great place there :D

    fourth, have we follow each other yet? because i'm really interest to your blog :D

    have a nice day!

  7. Hello again! replying your comment on my post.
    Sure, i will follow you back :) Do you want exchange link too?
    Haha yeah i will post my experience on my next posts. :D

    Have a nice day! :D

  8. That tee is awesome! Reminds me of McQueen. My Mommy's usually my photographer, too! :)

    sorelle in style

  9. love your t-shirt !!!
    you have a great look :)

  10. Nice top! I love it!

    Followed you! Follow back?

  11. thanks so much sweety :D
    I'm following
    Let me know when you follow back <3

  12. I love your hair! you look so cute!
    thanks for your comment <3

    xx Meral

  13. Cute! My mom takes my pictures too:) And I adore your tee, it is so cool.

    I am following you, will you follow me back?:)

  14. thanks for the comment. :) you have a cool blog header. :) did you make it? following you already!

    visit again. :)

  15. such a great t-shirt!!:)love skulls diktat and this is a cute combination!!thanks for your sweet comment and I'd be very happy if you return and follow..hope you enjoy other posts..:)
    kiss from MIlan!

    Patchwork à Porter

  16. Hello there sweetie! Firstly let me say thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment! I love skulls as-well! To me they are cool and fashionable! I have some accessories in skulls! Love the blazer! Would you like to follow each-other? Let me know!
    xoxo Kiki

  17. yeees !! Now I follow you :)


  18. thanks for your comment :)
    I love your short pants :)

  19. Sure lets follow each ohter and thanks for your comment,
    FOLLOWING now you?

  20. thanks for your comment!
    of course we can follow me I follow u back!
    hope to hear from u soon xoxo

  21. Nice outfit, very relaxed :D and I espacially like your smile :)

  22. great outfit!
    i've followed your blog, gurl :)
    please follow back my blog too

    thx before :D

  23. hello honey!!!!!thank you so much for you comment!!!you have a great blog!!!im following you! follow back?
    xoxo nandia

  24. loveee this look!! awesome shorts babe! im totally following dear!! hope to see you follow too! have a wonderful weekend cutie!

  25. love the t-shirt

  26. love your t-shirt ! to me skuls looks cute too :) but my mom hates them, LOL