what ?

11:12 AM

dont know what i feel today , I do not feel well yesterday and today . i feel very tired with everything and also feel very bored this day !
i really dont understand what or why i feel like this . maybe i just need someone who can listen to all my stories , but I think that it is not you, not them or anyone who i know . I just need that people now and whenever I need it or I'll just talk to myself all the time and then I'll scream and say "life sucks" , but I hoped I would never say that .

where i can find that person ?

Sometimes I think I'm better alone and not tell anything to anyone, but this time I was wrong. because I need other people, and I cannot be silent forever ,without telling any story that is in my mind . i think its enough for me be silent and now is the time to say everything that i want to .

and what will i do now ?

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