first award

2:39 PM

I was really happy because I’ve received 3 lovely blog award and then I want to say thank you so much to them --> Stephanie gee . hello behel and the last is nyu’s JOURNAL . thanks a lot for you guys :D big hugs and kisses <3

so i want to give this award to another people who have a wonderful blogger . but i've do the rules . and the rules of awards is share 7 things about me .
so now i will share 7 things about me

♥ first thing you’ve to know I really really love my mom and my dad sooooooo much more than everything in this world :*

♥ I really want to be student of Gajah Mada University . doctor or veterinary :) yeah ~ I really want it . but I didn’t pass the test . its no problem , I’ll try it next year and now i must study hard !

♥ I really love animals especially a cat J . I’ve one cute cat , actually he’s a fat cat and naughty LOL

♥ I really love photograp and sometimes I want to be a photographer in a famous magazine

♥ I want SLR !! I really want that . now I just took a picture with my lovely digital camera , but I want that SLR , because its would be nice if I took a picture like a professional photographer :D

♥ I like eating some foods , delicious food and my favorite food is fried rice .

♥ I’m not a pretty girl or a famous girl , but I really proud of myself and I’m happy to be what I’am and not to be somebody else :)

That’s 7 things about myself J and now I’ll give this award to my lovely followers who’ve a lovely blog and always leave some lovely comment on my lovely blog :)

Check it out :

. Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger!


! s o y c o n f e s s i o n s

Glisters and Blisters

Keep that Castle for Me

SS fashion world


thats 7 of the wonderful blogger :) sorry if i just give this award to 7 blogger .i'll give it to another blogger in the next award :)
have a nice weekend everyone .

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  1. congrats for the award :)
    and thanks for your lovely comment, dear..

  2. wohoo! congrats for them who got your award!

  3. woo.. ikut seneng deh sama award yang kamu terima :)

    and i love SLR too !

  4. Good luck on your university..=`)

  5. ooooh honey thank you !!!
    I'm so happy and you are very sweet :)

  6. Thanks a lot!!! i am flattered!!!!

  7. deeply thanks nia for giving me an lovely blog award from you :) <3 *hugs and kisses*
    and thank you for your lovely comment dear, keep posting up!
    have a great day.. :)

    xoxo, Jessica

  8. congrats :) and thank you for giving it to me :) that means a lot to me, because its the first one to me. xoxo