shaun the sheep

6:39 PM

you guys love to watch the cartoon ? did you guys know the cartoon SHAUN THE SHEEP ? because I really love them :D for me shaun the sheep was really funny and also cute !!!
they act like human , they can walk with two legs , order some pizza ,go to the beauty saloon , and then swimming :D did you like them too ? ♥

i bought this doll . he's so cute , isnt he ? :D i've 2 dolls of shaun the sheep ♥ this is one of them :)

me and shaun the sheep :D

and anyway please follow my tumblr HERE :)
i'll follow you back ASAP !! ♥

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  1. omfg ir

  2. hi sweetie,
    i love shaun the sheep too and i love your doll, cute!
    by the way i took my photo at kuwaru beach in yogyakarta, dear,,,


  3. awww! your new doll is so adorable! and so are you!!

  4. cute pictures and header :)
    Love Lois xxx

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  6. I love Shaun the sheep too!:p

    Followed ur tumblr, follow me back?;)

  7. thank you for your lovely comments! :) I love shauns too

  8. yeah i love the shaun tooo..
    lovely pict ..

  9. shaun is so cute, you are right! i would love to have one but the money is too tight right now,hehe

  10. i love the series of it, and it looks so cute :D u look pretty dear <3

  11. SO cute, isn't it! I have one too, my colleague gave it to me!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  12. haaha my little cousin used to watch it all the time on Disney Channel,

    Sorry dear i have been away from my blog for such a long time but its good to be back and i hope i did not miss out all your new posts

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