(Forgetting) I Should Let You Go

9:35 AM

have you ever imagine that you have to forgetitng someone special in your life because you can't stay with them forever. Maybe to leave that person is much easier than forgetting all memories with them. and you keep forgetting that you should let them go, and stay away from them. Its hard i think. its really hard that we have to let someone special in our life and let them go away and forgetting all the sweet memories with them. How can i forget you? how can i let you go? how can i said that i'm not in love you? how can i stop smilling at you? how can ? because honestly ......i can't. and i still forgetting that i should let you go....i even can't remember to forget you! 

this is just what i feel ......

" I left a note on my bedpost Said not to repeat yesterday's mistakes What I tend to do when it comes to you I see only the good, selective memory The way he makes me feel yeah, gotta hold on me I've never met someone so different Oh here we go He a part of me now, he a part of me So where you go I follow, follow, follow Ohohohoh ohohohoh I can't remember to forget you Ohohohoh ohohohoh I keep forgetting I should let you go But when you look at me, the only memory,  is us kissing in the moonlight Ohohohoh ohohohoh I can't remember to forget you "
Can't Remember to Forget You - Shakira ft Rihanna

 what i wear ? 

Floral Blazer : CLIO - 90 K
Brown Top - PIPII DEDII - 50 K
Hotpants Brown : SPECTAKLE - 150 K
Sling Bag : CLIO - 185 K 
all you can get it from SPRL STORE
Jl. Demangan no 31 Yogyakarta 

you also can check it out their product here :
Twitter: @SPRLSTORE 
Facebook: SPRL STORE 
Instagram: SPRLSTORE
for online order : 0856 435 44033
BB Pin: 31589EF0 

* its a bad hair day uugghh *

Photograph by AdamFajari

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  1. Suits you so good

    恵美より ♥

  2. Your floral blazer is so pretty and I love that you paired it with all brown. Very chic!

  3. gorgeous outfit!
    love the brown palette mixed with your floral jacket

  4. cheer up soon, Denia! :')

    xoxo // kelimutu

  5. Vintage, pretty <3


  6. cantik! suka sama tone warnanya.
    adore your blazer <3 <3

    xoxo, Jessica

  7. sending you hugs and kisses from India <3
    Pink Tiara

  8. "You are what you love not who loves you."

  9. gorgeous outfit ! <3