Black Valentine

12:26 PM

sorry if she cry. sorry if she bothering you. sorry if she hurt you by the way she act and say. sorry if she never look at you anymore. sorry if she never want to get back to you again. sorry if she make you hate her. sorry if she makes everything wrong. sorry if she show you something that you wont see. sorry if she push you out of her life. sorry if she hide her smile in front of you. sorry if she close her eyes. sorry if she always act like she didn't hear anything from you. she's terrible right now. she's so weak right now. she'll always be the wrong one as you said. as you want. as you wish. as you ask. she will, she will always be like you wish. you will always be the right guy, and she will always be the wrong girl. sorry. sorry if she'll be like that in her way.

she's been strong for too long. she's never bothering you for too long. she's always be the broken hearted girl for too long. she's always look at you even you never look at her for too long. she always back to you even if you didn't ask her to do. she have made everything right in the wrong way for too long. she always show you everything that you wanna she even if she won't. she always pull you in her life and push her self to your life. she never hide a smile, give a thousand smile even you never give her one. she never close her eyes and look into your eyes evertime even you never look at her. she always listening to you, she always listen even you never listen to her. she's so happy at that time. she's so strong at that time. she sacrifice her self for you, ust you. as you want. as you wish. as you ask. she has, she always has been like that, like you wish. you have become the right guy, and she has become the wrong girl. thanks. thank you for making her like that in your own way.

just stop it now. its enough for her. for everything. let her go in her own way. no more hurt. no more strain. no more pain. no more judgement. no more negative thinking. no more tears. stop it. stop it right here and right now. she have to fly, fly away. far away. from everything that make her life looks so terrible. she have to find the other way, to make her life to be good like before. she's thank for you, thanks for everything. thanks for the good and bad. even if you never realize it, she's happy. happy with her own way as she wish. Thanks for bring her to the Black Valentine.

- Black Valentine, ..0414 -

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  1. aw great photos, so pretty dear ^^

  2. lovely dress , you look so elegant :D


  3. great post! I love your blog!*.*
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! leave a comment i will follow u back!

  4. This is a gorgeous lace dress. You look phenomenal! Happy Friday :)

  5. Beautiful :)

  6. very pretty! love your dress soo much

  7. Fabulous dress and the photos look gorgeous and so atmospheric! <3 xo xo