3:53 PM

So, there's nothing to post this week. because i was sick for a week, my body even my mind. you know, if you have something in your mind, and you always think about it all the time, then you'll get sick. you are so stress, its because you give a fuck about everything. HAHAHAHA i think i give to much fck for everything in life, so i get sick and can't do anything, just laying on bed :( well, now i'm fine ( i wish ) hehehe well, last week i've got the invitation from Dorothy Perkins, but its too bad because i was in Yogyakarta, then Jakarta is so far away from here, and also i was sick for a long time :| there are a lot of moments or events i couldn't attend, like Jogja Fashion Week :( feel so bad!! 
well, this is not outfit-post, just wanna share you some of my photos on Instagram. ah, if you have Instagram account, please follow mine @deniathly , just leave a comment for following you back. Thank you. see you next post :D

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  1. Bellissima!
    Congratulations on your blog. Is beautiful, I'm already following!

    Killer Foxes - Fashion Blogger || Instagram

  2. Great that you are well now! Great insta images. I love payless too!

  3. Looks like you take some great photos :)


  4. Cute dress and white blouse :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  5. you look great ! Love all the photos :)