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Hello! i just remember something about blogging. i realized that blogging was fun and i enjoy it so much! i love writing and telling people about how i feel. i knew, that not all people who i know will be happy listening to all my life stories. but of course i have a bestfriend who always be there for me. for good or bad. and you know, blogger buddies just like a bestfriend for me. i can tell them anything, and they can tell me everything that they want. yeah, sharing sharing, about life stories, school, campus's life, about work, love stories, something bad and good. you know, i love to read all their stories on their blog. hope you like mine hehehe i guess you were bored read all my stories. its all about campus, campus, love, love, campus. hahahaha because sometimes i feel like my life always about campus campus love love shit campus love and bla bla bla.... i just wish you never get bored hihi :p we can share anything, everything and i love that :D i'm not that kind of girl who will tell you E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in my life, just a little. i wish i will never bothering you with that kind of stories :( i just wanna share, and i love when you share anything or everything to me :D
so, what's your story this day? wanna tell ? :D oh, i wish i could meet all my blogger's friend. because i like to have a lot of friends ( even if you know its hard for me to get close to new people but i really love having a lot of friends ) and i will be so "cerewet" if you get close to me LOL. ( sorry for that .__.v )
well, i wish you have a great day!! :* {}

What i wear? Top : Vintage Store | Skirt : D'Pujha | Shoes : FLY | Bag : Unbranded

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  1. Oh my god, you look super lovely.

    Would be so happy to see you on

  2. super cute look as always! kangen lohhh

    Pudding Monster

  3. That skirt looks so cute>< arghhh iri sama org yg keliatan bagus kalo pake rok selutut;_;

    I dare you to take a peek into my blog!<3
    Adventure of P-Chaaaaaaan!!

  4. Amazing stripes skirt, love it!


  5. You are very cute. Love your hair!

  6. nice pictures, you look beautiful !


  7. your hair is really pretty!

  8. your smile is so freaking cute!!!

  9. superrrrrrrr cute look!

  10. That is why I love blogging too!! Great post.

  11. Such a pretty look!

  12. Pretty look! :D

  13. You look so adorable here!

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Beauty Blogger

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