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" Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel.Like you're less than fuckin' perfect.Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel, like you're nothing.You're fuckin' perfect to me! " Fuckin Perfect - PINK
how do you know that you are pretty enough for him? pretty enough for the world, and even for your self? have you ever think that you are not pretty. because you see the other girl, and of course she's more prettier than you, smarter than you, slimmer than you, she have a beautiful skin, she's richer than you, she's even more famous than you, everyone know her, everyone say that she's beautiful, and then she's get the most handsome guy in town. how about that? how about a girl who will always more more and more than you? how about her? how about her? how about them, them, her, her, and many more? i'm sure that every girl ever think like this. right? you're lying to me if you say no!
you know, there will always be a girl who more than you, more pretty, more beautiful, more smart, more slim, more tall, more rich, more more more and more. but, look at them! are they we? No, of course not! she's beautiful, and we are just who we are. Yes, we are just who we are. Be confident about who we are. We will be pretty in our way, smart in our way, even rich in our way. Because every girl in this world is beautiful. You just have to be confident to your self. God created us to be different from the other. Yes, maybe she's beautiful because of she has a beautiful skin. try to look at our self, what's beautiful from us? We have something special in our self. for example, maybe you are smart in something like math ? that will make you more special than the other! or maybe, you've got talent, like dancing or singing, or maybe in sport like swimming, or running! that will make you more special than the other, even that girl who's more than you as you said before. That girl is not you. she will never be you. she has got her 'special' in her way. As well as you, you have your 'special' in your way.
be confident! be special! and the more important thing is BE YOU !!!

and how about me? i ever feel like that way. but now, i have to be confident about my self. about who i am, about what's special in me, and about proud to be me. And if there's people who said a negative think about you, just ignore them. Forget people who disrespect you. Just remember and love people who will always give you their respect about who you are, and look at you for who you are :) 

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  1. Super cute look dear... great kimono

  2. whoaaa, outwear-nya naksir bangeeettttttttt!

  3. The most important thing is to believe and love yourself, because if you don't, who will?
    ps. Love the kimono :D


    All the best

    Cassie Fashion

  4. Love the shoes you're wearing in this photo! So cool

  5. Gorgeous kimono! Such a fabulous combo and you look super fierce and beautiful. Love it!

  6. so pretty! love your kimono <33

  7. what a great post! so inspirational! I plan to say that to myself over and over again! "be me!"
    so easy being insecure in this world! thanks for the words! <3


  8. Lovee your kimonoo! Soo chic! <333

  9. HAHA our latest posts right now are all about empowerment. great blog dear! x

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  10. what beautiful words, nia
    couldn't agree more about this post
    you should be happy with what God gives to you and just be grateful
    comparison is the thief of joy :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  11. your outfit is amazing :)

  12. I totally get this, i too feel this almost everytime, but you know what, i accepted the fact that there will always be someone who are more than what we are, but that doesn't mean that it makes us less of a person, that doesn't mean we aren't pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, and i agree to that, ever since i felt those feelings, i started to see things other people don't see, i started to see that everyone of us are pretty and handsome, it just takes a keen eye and a beautiful heart to see it. I insist calling people pretty, id rather tell them they are beautiful because just like what you said, go created us, therefore we are beautiful, you are beautiful <3

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  13. so inspire! :)


  14. Love your kimonoo <3

  15. So cute!!! Lovely your kimono!!! :)

    I follow you!!! fantastic blog !!!


  16. cantik! love the outer <33

    i'm your new follower! x

    Little Miss Olen.

  17. adorable ^^

    Mind to visit my newest post?
    Thankyouuu ^^

  18. I really like your outfit, it's so cool! You look great!