Different Style

12:12 PM

have i ever told you about my sense of fashion and what style that i like to dress my self? how i dress my self for a post on my blog and how i dress my self to go to campus? and how i dress my self when i go out with my friends or my boy? Well...i have a different style for all of those things. if you ask me "why don't you dress like all your post on the post?" if what you mean is girly, a bit vintage, wearing dress or skirt. i will honestly said no! why? because i can't. First of all, i live in Indonesia where there are a lot of people who will judge you if you get "saltum / salah kostum" (wearing something that doesn't fit the situation) as they said. This doesnt mean that i care about them. This is mean that i still have respect about the tradition in my country. Still have manners, and respect all norms in my country :) If there's people said that they can't express their self because of that. i don't really agree with them. because i can still express my self and dress like what i want. i can still wearing dress, or something like mini skirt, short, or something that i ever wear for my blog post but in the right situation. I mean.... i can't wear mini skirt and go to campus. hahaha anyone? :p because i can't just act like a boy (if you know what i mean) in campus if i wear mini skirt. Then i can't just run and run wherever i want if i wear highheels or wedges hahaha. "aku terjatuh dan tak bisa bangkit lagi" nanti aku nyanyi lagu itu :') i usually wear sneakers or boots on campus, maybe i will look a little bit boyish. And i can dress a bit girly if i go out with my friends and my boy. Then i can wear dress or skirt or maybe short if only i go out with my family because we are using the car, you knew you can't just wear skirt if you go with motorcycle hahaha. Maybe for the next post i will share about my daily look for campus :) maybe this is enough for this post. i just share my thought. hope you enjoy your day. see ya on the next post! 

what i wear? Top : Tirana House | Dress : Nemesis Shop | Shoes : Fly | Bag : Callista Room 

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  1. hihihi, emang bener yah paling enak kalo ke kampus pake yang simple2 aja
    biar gampang gerak ke sana sini nya. anyway salam kenal :)

  2. hahaha kalo jatuh ang gak bisa bangkit lagi gak bisa saltum lagi hehe....

  3. You look so chic and stylish. I adore this combo and you did a fantastic job styling. I especially love your skirt!

  4. simple but great :)


  5. Lovely skirt! Check out my fave!


  6. very beautiful.. nice post