First Outfit

11:01 AM

What would i say to the new year ? Everyone will say Welcome 2015 or Hello 2015, and then they will say Thank you 2014, and the other will say "new year, new me" and the other will say another things about 2015 and 2014. I think all of you will get bored if i say the same things like the others hahahaha so now i will just upload my first outfit post on 2015 and said that i was so sorry for being lazy lately about blogging or event just for blog walking. as you knew (maybe hahaha) i have moved to a new home and you have to know that i have no internet connection there *crying* it's so hard for me to post anything, or blogwalking or even just for update something on social media *crying again* i have to go to my campus to get the internet ( i mean wifi ) to post something on the blog, this kind activity made me feel so tired, should i always bring my netbook to campus? Oh God! i mean....i was so lazy for doing this hahaha no no! i'm not complaining about my situation right now, i feel so happy about my new home, new place, new situation. i just the other "young-people" , i need wifi hahaha. WIFI pleaseee come to meeeee, hahaha okay! skip about my life. ah! another thing that i wanna say is thank you very much for all of you who still read or just visit my blog. without you i am nothing ( why so sweet hahaha ) but i'm not lying. from deep of my heart, i love you so much !!! :* let always be friend event on this blog by blogwalking, wish someday or maybe this year, we will meet each other :D hihihi see ya! :D

what i wear? Sweater : Choies | Dress : Design by me | Bag : Gowigasa | Shoes : Fly 

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  1. that sucks without wifi :( don't know how you do it haha
    gorgeous outfit

  2. I love your magazine worthy writing dear! it's so fun and easy to read ♥ ♥

    New fun post on the blog sweetie!

  3. ""i just the other "young-people" , i need wifi hahaha. WIFI pleaseee come to meeeee,"

    Haha, i like this part! xD

  4. You look so cute <3 happy new year pretty girl

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Blogger

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  5. one does not simply gak bergantung sama wifi, hihiii generasi sekarang banget ya.
    Love the whole outfit, btw!

  6. Happy new year! love your cardigannn! <3

  7. The location is so beautiful and your ensemble really suits you! :) Stay gorgeous! :)

    TWITTER | INSTAGRAM: @raysofraya

  8. Pretty dress dear! :)

  9. Wishing you all the best in 2015. Love this outfit!

  10. kayaknya tempatnya seru yah mantap...