February full of Love?

9:03 PM

Febuary full of love as they said. But for me, everytime is always full of love. Well, by the way in this post i'm not going to tell you about a love story because i think you'll get bored, no more drama. okay? hahaha in this post, i wanna share about something that bothering me. After all this time being a blogger, there are so many question about "what brand did you use?" or something like "wow! all stuff you wear is a branded". Seperti beberapa saat lalu, aku menemukan beberapa komen yang berkata bahwa aku menggunakan sesuatu yang mahal dan bermerek. Well, as a fashion blogger i will tell you this. it's a BIG NO for all of that question. Yes, yes i am a fashion blogger, and i do shop a lot. But something that you have to know that i am a blogger who's not really care about brand. Of course i love all that branded stuff, i really love it, but how if i don't have money for all that stuff? hahaha no, i'm not complaining about it. If i have money, i'm sure i will buy all of that branded stuff. But if i haven't that not really matter for me. I can buy anything dan tentunya sama sekali tidak ada mereknya. Tentu saja menyenangkan bila bisa memiliki barang yang bermerek. But, for me fashion is not about brand. Fashion is something that really you. How you dress yourself to be something that make you comfortable dan kamu pede dengan itu semua! As long as that shirt, or t-shirt, or skirt, or bags, or your shoes bisa membuat kamu nyaman and show your own style! just go on, wear it! Yap! Fashion blogger is not always someone that wearing a branded stuff, just like me. Aku tidak menyangkal jika aku tidak pernah membeli barang bermerek, of course i do it but i still love to buy something even it's not a branded stuff. Prinsipku adalah, i love wearing that stuff, i feel comfortable with it. I will buy it! and honestly i will really really love it if i get a really cheap-stuff dengan bahan yang nyaman dan keadaan barang yang sempurna, dan aku suka berbelanja di tempat barang-barang second, here in Yogyakarta people called it "awul-awul" hahahah Well, you don't need much money to get your adorable style!!! Fashion itu gak mahal kok girls! Asal kamu pinter dalam memilih saat membeli (even it's a second stuff) and how you mix and match your stuff! Happy shopping girls :p 

Well, does my glasses fits perfectly with the theme of this month? February full of love! and its a heart glasses :D Love you all , thank you so much for reading my blog <3 p="">

What i wear? Sweater: D'Pujha | Skirt : Viola | Shoes : Unbranded 

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  1. you look really cute, great post
    We all can't afford big brand clothes all the times


  2. so vintagee!


  3. Love the last pictures!~ Cantik banget kapan2 meet up kalo aku ke jogja yaaa <3 Hihi!


  4. setuju sama prinsipnya kak, fashion isn't about brand but ashion is something that really you <3 <3


  5. You look beautiful. That skirt is stellar!

  6. omg sweet love at the sweetest month!