Be Good

4:19 PM

 " Sorry didn't mean to bother you "

Sometimes, you just in that situation that people around you feels like you bothering them. Then you feel like a public enemy, don't know how to handle it because you never know what's wrong with you. Yes, maybe you made a mistake, but you never understand what kind of mistake is that. Well, you have to learn to understand people if you want them to do the same to you. But you know, you can't read people mind, you never know what are they think about you. You know, there's no perfect man in this world, but its not the wrong thing if you try to be perfect. Just remember to always think about the other, about their feeling and about how you act, " is it okay? will i hurt anyone? " remember to always be kind and have a positive mind. Don't be shy to ask the other about you, about how you act, about the 'bad side of you'. Because you can't say " it's too late " to people who wanna be good :) 
Ah, i'm not good either, so i can't say " hey you! you are too bad, you have to be good " and i also can't give you and advise or tips to be good and something like that. I just can say, don't forget to always be good to the other, because i'm trying too. Always try everyday, because you know there are a lot people in this world and you never know when will you success, you meet a different people everyday, right? Just be good, everyday, everytime :) 

What i wear? Top : Tirana House | Pants : Waikiki | Shoes : Donatelo | Watch : Waikiki

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