How to Dress on Your First Date

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pics from Lookbook: Marcel Floruss 

A few days ago, i received an email from one of my reader. Thank you so much for reading my blog, without them this blog is nothing :) Well, they make a request for me to give them an advise about “How to Dress on Your First Date” but it’s for a men.  So, here’s my advice (of course from my view);
1.      Shoes
Women will always love shoes, even if not their shoes (yes, it yours) Pick a nice one, a simple sneakers or something that will match your looks. But please don’t wear sandals on your first date. If you wear it, you will lose one point.
2.     Clothes
It’s so important for the first time, because you can’t ignore it that you will always judge people with their first look. Dress for it, but don’t wear "too much", if you plan to wear suit, make sure you are going to the right place ( like watching opera, or something that you have to wear it) You can wear a shirt (without a tie ,of course) plus a jacket or sweater would be great. The most important is wear a clothes that fit you and make you more confident. Ah, if you worried about what are you wearing inside, you can check out Men's Underwear!
3.     Grooming
Cut your fingernails, take a bath (of course haha) don’t forget to wash your hair. Because women will always know the details of your looks. Put a parfume, women will love it when you smell nice.
4.     No acessories
Watch is fine. But please don’t wear something that not really “good” for your first time. Like a hat with a “bad guy” caption maybe, or necklace that really annoying, or a pin. The point is, don’t wear anything that will make women think twice about you.

That’s a simple advise from me. And please put your phone on silent, women will hate it if you go on date with her but all your focus just for your phone.  

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  1. couldn't agree more about the silent phone! :D