Hello New Season

11:36 AM

This rainy season finally coming. It's time to feel so cold everytime and get wet anytime. Actually i don't really like this season, because i can't face the cold weather so long. I will go to the bathroom more often than before hahaha. Thought i would miss summer, because i could feel the warm weather and go swimming and then go to beach, and wear something cool like short or mini skirt hahaha. This is my last holiday before it getting cold and wet. But honestly i do love rainy season, because someone could hug me so tight :p 

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  1. Amazing photos


  2. Hahah, I love rainy season. Hawanya enak banget buat tiduran :p

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  3. what a great pictures! :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    read my new post :

  4. Hi dear! How was life? Lama ngga mampir ke blog ini hihihihihihi...
    Anyway di Semarang juga udah mulai hujan, but I am excited about it! Aku selalu suka hujan, baunyaaa... Petrichor<3

    Checkout my latest post: http://www.paramitadana.com/2015/11/skinny-love.html

    Have a good day dear!:)

  5. aww these are lovely shots :) honestly i don't fancy rainy season as much as i appreciate the sun. although the heat can be unbearable at times but i tend to be more productive at work when it's shining bright compared to when it rains. but undoubtedly it is a fantastic feeling to nap when it's raining outside hahaha.

  6. wah emang disetting gelap rahasia yah fotonya hehe

  7. Kaaa nia! Kangen main ke blogg iniih, iya jogja tiap hari ujan trs tapi cocok bgt nih kak pake sweater moloo hehehe

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