Campus Life

3:35 PM

Have you ever been in love with your campus, when you know you'll leave it soon? So, i think i'm gonna miss my campus when i leave it next year (AMIN). Yes, it's already 3 years, and next year will be the 4th, time for me to leave, i mean graduate from here. Ah, there are so many things happen here, i couldn't have enough time to share all my story in campus here. But, overall i love being here. I can learn many things i didn't know before, i meet a lot friends, and the most important thing is i meet him! So, that's why i'll never forget everything here. Now, i'm doing a project with all my college friends, it's called Gelar Karya Simulasi TV - Radio, we made TV and Radio station, made a program for 5 hours and will be on air at the end of January (for Radio) and the beginning of February (for TV) . You can check out the website here : 

Good luck for all of us!  

This is my style when i'm going to campus, i'm sorry for my jeans hahaha because i'm a senior and never had a class, so that's why i look like this :p 

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  1. goodluck for your university life hopefully you will graduate next year(:
    well,it's still a long journey for me because im still onmyway to second semester

  2. I'll be graduate too next year (Amin) and yes I will miss my campus life Nia.
    Love your outfit to campus XD

    My Little Cream Button ♥

  3. You look so stunning, the whole outfit ensemble is just perfect!

    Anyway, would you like to follow each other on Google Friend connect and google+?
    let me know if you want and i will follow you back.^^~