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To the girl who her father hurt her first before any boy could: 

Oh's even more hurting than what you think. Maybe the other girl would said that her boy hurt her and she's through the hard way. Oh! They never thought how we felt about being hurt by the most important man in the world. They never imagine how to face that hard way. If another girl say that the only one man that will never ever hurt them is her father, so how about us? We will never ever find a man that truly love us, can we? And if the other girl say that all the man is same except their father, so how about us? They would exactly the same. How about finding the one we love but afraid to fall in love to deep because we know, even the closest person in our life could hurt us that much. 

For all girls out there who never get hurted by their father. Please, don't be so excessive just because your boyfriend hurt you. It's just a simple thing that most of girls ever have it. But, what we felt it, not everyone can felt it too. So, please.... Stop whining and crying as if he was the only one. Remember that love, time and relationship never guaranted. 

what i wear? Dress: Waikiki | Shoes: Diadora | Bag: Naughty | Necklace: Waikiki 

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  1. Love that dress kak! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. Stripy dress is so fucking cute:^)

    As for me, If someone cry because of their boyfriend hurt them, I'd go wondering 'love should be more fun like this, there's no purpose of loving each other if they still hurt each other???' #thisismetho


  3. Cantik banget sih blogger yang satu ini! :D