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Hello, it's me again! hahaha of course it is me because this is my blog, right? Sorry for the "jayus' jokes like they said :') Have you read my previous post about wedding dress, here ? If you read it, you'll know that i really love wearing dress and talk about wedding dress. Hehehe By the way, a few weeks ago, my best friend, Rhia from just got married with her husband. Congratulation sayang! I feel so happy about her wedding, but i'm so sorry i can't be there because i have a lot things to do :( but yesterday, me and my friends make a surprise for her and her husband at the Hotel. That's my special gift for her :D

Like you know, it's all about the wedding and i love talking about it, and i know that you've known about Cocomelody ,the best online shop that selling so many wonderful dress that you can wear it on your special day, yes your wedding's day darling! When will i get it? Hehehe :p Why they have a beautiful dress? Of course it's all because they have a lot of designer wedding dresses ,such as LB Studio, Lily White, Grace Luxury, Adorave by ANIIA, Faith by ANIIA. 
And this is my favorite design of them! 

LB Studio

Lily White

Faith by ANIIA

So cute, right? How could they made an amazing dresses like that? Because i really wanna make it by my self but i can't even draw. So sad :( Oh ya, they also have short wedding dresses. For me who live in Indonesia, tropical country, this dress really suitable for me! You know, Indonesia is really hot :| 

And what's good about cocomelody is they also have special offers for you if you buy their dress. They give you a big discount! yeah, i know you love that discount and sale ( every girls will love it, right? hahaha ). You just have to go to their website and click that Sale button. Tadaaaaa, you will see so many cute dress.... ssstttt with a special price :p

Don't forget to use Code W4 for get Free Shipping Wedding Dresses $300+ !
Happy Shopping girls! 

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  1. Like the last dress :)
    Maria V.