Don't Worry About Your 'Beauty' Problem, Girls!

10:08 AM

Every girls has their own problem about 'beauty'. Froma  lot of problem that i know, every girls will always their own standard of beauty, and i was sure that every girls has their own part that they believe it was not as beauty as the other people saw. They will always feel so insecure about what they have. For an example is when they took a picture of them self, they will always feel they are black, fat, not pretty or something like that. 

Actually, the problem like this is the problem that you have to face it alone. We as woman havee to be confident of ourself, what ever what we look like. Because every girls is pretty just the way she is and we don't have to do that standard. Just believe, that it will make you always feel not having anything. The point is don't forget to be greatful of what you have, and then you'll always feel pretty just the way you are. 

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