5:23 PM

Been in that position that i really want to make my dream come true. Feel so confident that one day, my dream will come true. But dream is still a dream, right? No matter how hard you try if you can't get the most important thing to get wyour dream, you can't make it true. I know i've been tried again and again, but i couldn't get it. I have to stop dreaming and just let it go. No, not because i don't want it again, but i have to believe in reality. What i see now, what i have now and what God tell me to do. It's just about the time. One day, if God say yes, He will give me what i want. No! My dream is not over, i just make it stay in where it belong. Waiting for a miracle to pick it up and bring it to me. 
For anyone who has a dream and didn't get what you want. Don't be sad, it's all just about time. Believe it, that one day what you want will come true :) 

 what i wear? Top: Unbranded | Pants: Clotch Inc | Shoes: Pollux | Bag: Strawberry 

Thank you so much, Jawa Pos for featuring me on Radar Jogja two times. First edition, i talk about what happening right now, what you have to wear. And the second edition is about Runway Concert.

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  1. Cute outfit! And congratulations for being featured on Jawa Pos and Radar Jogja! You're soo awesome<3<3