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So, few days ago i was invited to Contempo Fashion Inspiring in Yogyakarta. The creative director and also the daughter of Contempo’s owner, Mbak Cindy Invited me and the others blogger and instagrammer Yogyakarta to their first event about fashion in Jogja City Mall and also a breakfasting at Kimchi-Go. Me and the other girls talk about fashion, what’s our style, what kind of outfit that we like, and what kind of collaboration can we make with Contempo. Aah... such a great event!! :D

I also meet, Miauy (am i right about her name?) the owner of Kimchi-Go from Korea. Annyeonghaseyo!! Maybe if you were my friend on Path, you would know that i love watching Korean Drama and it’s such an honor can meet the owner of this Korean Restaurant and talk with her about Korean food. You have to go there! Because they have a super yummy food, ups! I’m fasting now hihihi.

After we talk and eat and then wareg hahaha. Mbak Cindy let us to choose one outfit that we like to bring it home. Yeaaay!!! New clothes for Ied Mubarak hahaha because i really love vintage, korean and also flowers then i decide it to choose the flowers dress (oh, i’ll post about the outfit asap) After confusing about what outfit we will choose, finally it’s done hahaha tired? No! because we are super woman :P So, me and my genk gula took a wierd photos before going home. Once again, thank you so much Mbak Cindy and Contempo. 

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  1. the event looks really fun, nice to know your blog :)

  2. You seem had an amazing day! I love your pick, so korean! Chic and lovely as well <3
    By the way, Kimchi-Go's interior there looks so pretty yaaaa! <3



  3. cute bgt dress-nya

  4. Great post, I love it, amazing pictures as well, thank you for sharing, everybody looks stunning!!!


  5. Amazing post, truly inspiring, I love it, love the pictures as well, thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


  6. looks really fun! nice to know your blog ;) xx, cipy


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