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Writing it's not something that you can have in a few minutes. It takes time, if you wanna have a good content or creative one. I'm not the good writer, cause sometimes i just write anything that stay in my mind. I thought it's not even a good thing, just a random thing. For a blogger like me, writing is like a hobby but maybe now it turns into a passion (maybe) I do wanna be a good writer, share a good content that can inspired people, but i always found my self writing something that isn't good enough. And also i'm not really good in english, but i always wanna try to be better day by day. Honestly, i learn english from writing, i write everyday and start my blog and i decided to use english to learn it. So, if i make a mistake, i'm so sorry, cause i'm still learning. But, everyone could make a mistake, right? You'll never know you were right if you never wrong. That's way i never stop using english cause i'll never know the right one if i never make a mistake. Talking about language, i do really wanna learn Korean, cause i have a dream to continue my study there next year. Amin. But, before thinking about what kind of major i would take, what kind of university in South Korea i would like to study.... Let me finish my Skripshit here. Hehehe InsyaAllah it will done in August. Amin. Fiuuuuh.... Bismillah, never forget to pray and say Alhamdulillah for everything i've been through. 
The point of my long story up there is .... never give up and don't ever think to stop learning everything that will make a better you! :) 

So, here's my outfit that i take last week with my mom, my personal photographer as always hehehe. 

what i wear? Turtle Neck Top and Dress: Unbranded, Garage sale | Shoes: Payless | Necklace : DIY 

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  1. Nice outfit dear, love the denim dress

  2. Love your amazing post and your outfit, you look lovely, thanks for sharing!!!


  3. This is such a beautiful vintage look :)
    Enjoy the last days of your uni life, nia


  4. you look so beautiful and sweet.

    Vania Clarissa