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Hmm…. Hello again! I wanna share you about my thought. So, you know in this day everything is going to be crazy and didn’t make any sense. I can’t imagine why they put it so expensive? Everything! Including home and wedding expenses and everything…… huh! Why I’m talking about wedding? Hahaha but it’s true. One day, I will have my wedding day and nowdays everything just doesn’t make any sense, how about that one day? Am I the one who is going to be crazy about it? Hopefully not.

But, don’t worry! You can and you have to handle it. How? You have to work work work work like Rihanna said. Yes, you have to work and make a lot of money. Not because you have to be a rich man, but because everything is about money. You can’t buy happiness with it, but you can buy anything that will make you happy with it. Go get it with your best try. You can work in any company or make your own company. You can be an entrepreneur, and that what I am doing right now. I can’t work for any company forever, so I’ll try my best to be an entrepreneur. I’m still 20-something hahah still have time to try anything, to do anything (the right thing of course) and make my self happy.

It all same with you. Don’t ever try to be a lazy person and not doing anything. Just sit down and wish there are a lot money come for you. You have to work, to make your self happy, to make your parents happy. Is there anything more important than make your parents and yourself happy? Don’t worry about how much money do you have, or how if you fail or something that make you down. Because I believe, if you do something good, everything will ended good. Because the result never betray your effort. 

What i wear?  Blouse: Sale Stock Indonesia | Skirt: Facloth | Shoes: Payless

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  1. lovely outfit>,< cocok banget gaya girly>,< in love!


  2. Cool pic, love your outfit

  3. nice top..


  4. cute outfit ! i love that pink colour on you so pretty

  5. cantik as always kakkkk<3