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uh, there are so many things i wanna tell you. But, first of all i wanna tell you about my day lately. I think i used to be busy but now i'm not really into it. Thanks God. I still have time to write for my blog, write a review for sponsor, doing another thing like playing a game at my phone or just reading my favorite books. Talk about reading, i really love reading a book, especially a comic hahaha my favorite one is.... can you guess?? i don't think so. My favorite comic is Kobo Chan. Am i so childish?? Nope nope.... but really love it, because Kobo Chan has a simple story, life story just like us but with a funny moment. But, the bad news is .... that comic is never coming out again, i don't know why, is it end already or they never send to Indonesia again or there's another reason that idk at all. Maybe i should search a new one. Because i've done reading Doraemon, Shinchan and etc. Maybe you can give me an advice what kind of comic i should read?? 

Oh, btw.... as you know i should be a fashion blogger hahah but lately i always share you about beauty things. That's because i do love beauty things, every girls love it, right? But in this post i became who i used to be hahaha yap! After a very long time i finally took a really nice OOTD from a really nice place, Tebing Breksi. Have you ever visited this place? The must-place-to-visited in Yogyakarta, near Candi Ijo, Sleman. It's really a nice place to take an OOTD picture. 

Oh, i got my top from Vendsame and Skirt from thrift shop. Yap! I do really love vintage style, so i couldn/t stop saying thank you for Vendsame cause their collection match me well. You can also grab yours at their online shop @Vendsame (Instagram) They also offer you a big discount, go check out their collection! For my top, you can get it for only Rp.77.500. It's so affordable, right?

what i wear? Top: Vendsame | Skirt Thrift Shop | Shoes: Niel | Bag: J.Rep
Location: Tebing Breksi, Sleman, YK 

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  1. My favorite is naruto :D
    Loving your skirt, anyway!

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

  2. Tuh kan, kalau soal vintage style, memanglah ini mbak satu ini jagonya 😍 Our pleasure Nia, semoga nyaman buat nemenin seharian yah 😊

  3. ahh i just saw this.. padahal tahun baru kemarin aku lagi di yogya.. bad to not catch up with youu :(

  4. Denia cantik sekali <3
    aku udah follow blog kamu yaa, kindly followback :)

    Rona Permata // beautyveller.blogspot.com

  5. Aduh nggak punya saran komik nih Nia, bukan pecinta komik. Mari nonton sherlock aja :D haha