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Well, you know fashion trend will never stop, it will come again and again. When the old ones go away, the new one will come to you right away. In my view, why everybody try to following the trend when they never feel comfortable about it. Why you have to push your self to a circle you don’t really like. 

This is also happen in social media, when everyone became a “selebgram” they said, and the other one trying hard to be what everyone be. Why they trying so hard to make the same photos, the same style, the same gallery on instagram, and the other same things that i can’t mention it one by one, but today as i see everyone in my timeline is the same people. I can’t found what’s the different and why they always do the same things?? Why??? Because everyone will like it? But what if you didn’t like it at all?? 

Well…i admitted that sometimes i also following the trend, but just a few things that i really really like (not everything). following the trend is not something wrong you do, it’s something you have to do but in a right way. 

Before you try to following the trend you’re not good at it, or you just push yourself just to make everyone love it, here are some reason you need to know why you doesn’t always have to following the trend. 

1. Remember! Trend don’t last forever 
you know, people change. They will never love one things forever. when you following the trend just to impress the other people, you’ll die oneday. Because that “oneday” will come when it’s not a trend anymore. So, what you get know? 

2. Have your own identity 
Following is not a good things sometimes. You are following or maybe copying others identity, and where’s yours? Forget about what people will love, focus on what you love and what you wanna be. Found your identity that will make everyone love it. 

3. The trend aren’t for everyone 
No no…. this is just for some people who maybe fit in it. Trying to be Awkarin?? OH please… sorry to say but this is just for a stupid people. No, trend is not a things you can following anytime and everytime. Trend is not a religion. If you’re not fit in, just go away.

4. Maybe is not make you happy 
Maybe you make the others happy about what you do, but how about your feeling? Are you happy about it? Or maybe you push yourself to hard? Think about it again and let your heart answer it….

WHAT I WEAR ? Top and outer: Thrift store | Bag: Gramedia | Cullot: United Glam | shoes: Otani

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  1. Nice eyewear :)
    Maria V.

  2. Nia, the pants looks very lovely on you!

  3. couldn't agree more with you. Consistency of our own identity is awesome. Btw, the outfit is very nice.. Love your English as well

  4. Pretty nice article.
    I agree with you. Be ourself it's more difficult than copying others.