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I’m thinking of going back to the old me, the girls i used to be. I know, it’s been a really long time since the last post i write about fashion. The last post i write using english so i can reach my reader from all the world. i miss blogwalking and meet a lot friends from everywhere. But i do know that i have to always say thanks to God for everything, including being a beauty blogger. 

Be honest, for the first time, i don’t even care about beauty hahaha. Because what i think is maybe i could be myself if i didn’t care about that. But well, know i understand that Fashion and Beauty is just like a couple. You can't go without both of them. You have to care about what you look like and it’s all about your outfit and your face. 

Hmmm….but please back to the fashion things. If we talk about fashion, could you mention one thing that everyone wear nowdays? Yaps, that’s a scarf. I know….i can even find it in every online shop. They sell so many cute scarf with a cute design. But, if you don’t wanna look “just like that” when wearing a scarf, here is some tips for you. 

As a necklace… well,i guess you always see this kind of look. Am i right? Because maybe this is the best way to wear any kind of scarf you have. 

As a headband…. this is a solution if you have abad hair day hahaha yap! Because i use it for that. 

As a hairbands… this is also works when you have a bad hair day, you can tie your hair and then use your scarf to make you look so cute. 

If you were confused “should i wear it?” but you still wanna bring it, just make it your bag’s acessories. This will help you anytime you wanna wear it but it didn’t take a space on your bag.

Last…your scraf will help you when you loose or need a belt. I used it for any time i feel like i have a loose pants or skirt but i don’t really like using belt, scarf is my solution. Yes, your scarf could be your cute belt.

So, which one you like? 
Ah, if you wanna look some cute scarf with a cute design you can check Project Winata. The one i use is from them and i really love it!! 

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