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If you already know me well, maybe you would know that i really love vintage things, even i’m not really sure if i always wear that 'vintage style' everytime but tbh 70% of my clothes (if you ever check it, maybe not hehehe) it’s something vintage and 80% of my wardrobe are from thrifting. Yes, i admit that i feel so much easier find a vintage clothes by thrifting. When you wanna have fashion things but not really like “a modern things” it’s easier that way. But i didn't say that you can't find 'a vintage thing' especially for fashion in a vintage store or by thrifting, because sometimes i can find it too from online store or offline store (at mall maybe, or maybe a branded brand) Yes, vintage is not about how old it looks like but what kind of design and how you mix and match it. 

If you have a same favorite style ( i mean vintage ) just like me, but sometimes you just don’t know what’s the first thing you have to buy or what’s the must have items you have to buy, here are some tips for you who wanna build or start a vintage or retro style. 

5 must-have-items for a vintage (beginner) lovers


Yes, you can find a lot of blouse with a different pattern, colors, and also unique design. Tips from me, choose a cream or white color blouse because it a must-have items for a vintage style. But don’t forget to buy a blouse with color or pattern that you love. Because i really love flowers pattern so that’s the most items on my closet. 

Knit Sweater 

OMG! I can’t even say no for this one, the next must-have items you should buy. Idk, but everytime i saw this kind of sweater i always think like “it’s my grandma’s sweater” so i would like a old lady ( i mean in a positive way, vintage style ) In this kind of clothes, you can find in with a lot of different colors, design or even neckline. 


If you notice, i always love wearing skirt because it’s the next must-have item. You can choose with lenght you love, midi or even maxi skirt. Just like another items, you can choose which one you love because there are a lot of different skirt depends on a body shape. 

Low Heels

The next items is a shoes and you can choose the low heels. In the modern-era we can notice that womens are wearing a higher heels than before (i mean in the 50th - 70th era) 


For the accesories, pearl is the classic one you have to buy. They can be anything like earring, brooch, necklace, or anything that can be an accessories. 

5 must-have-items for a vintage (beginner) lovers

The next things you can complete your style by buying a dress (long or midi) and then some accesories like a hat, maybe i'll make another post for the next tips for you. Wait for it, ya!! 

For this looks, maybe it's not really vintage, but i love the the bell sleeve. Back then, this bell sleeve is a next big fashion at the 1970’s. Bell bottoms and bell sleeves were highly fashionable at that time. So yeah, bell sleeves are not exactly a new idea, it’s just a re-imagined from previous ‘trend’ in different sizes or design that will match with 'the new trend'. 

5 must-have-items for a vintage (beginner) lovers

If you wondering where i get this cute bell sleeve blouse, you can get it from @Flamfash they sell a lot if cute and awesome clothes. The good news is, they can make an exclusive design for you. Yeaaay! That's a really good, right? You can have your 'one and only' design :D 

Check out: @Flamfash 

5 must-have-items for a vintage (beginner) lovers

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  1. Love this outfit! So cool!
    Mónica Sors

  2. Alwayss love your vintage style and love the tipss <33


  3. You are so pretty! I always love your vintage style :)

  4. Love the staples! Your photos look incredible!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


  5. I'm in love with your vintage style! <3

    The Peach Peonies | http://ferennatasha.blogspot.com