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One of the outfit that I often wear and have a lot of in the closet is a skirt. Starting from the mini, midi to maxi skirt, continue the various patterns is in my closet. One of the skirts I like the most - because it the easiest to mix and match - is a denim skirt. Yes, who doesn't love denim? Everyone will always like denim, even for women and men.

One of the reasons I like Denim is because this item can even look soo vintage and soo modern at the same time. Because it seems that denim will never die from time to time, am i right? 

Until now, denim is still being fashion bloggers's favorite from various countries, also for designers and a lot of public figure. Now also there are kind of denim skirt that you can choose. 

Keep it simple, is one of the tricks to keep stylish while you wear this denim skirt. The kind of denim skirts can also be based on your body type. If you have a plan on collecting some denim skirts but dont want to go wrong and look weird, here are some tips for you based on your body type.

Small body
Well, if you have a small body, i suggest you to choose  a mini denim skirt - maybe above the knee. The more you show parts of your legs, the more you can look taller.

Pic: Asos

Are you tall? 
You're so lucky if you have this body type. Actually it's easier for you to choose 'kind of denim skirt' but floaty midi skirt  can be the best choice for you. Oh yes, if you dont wanna look taller than you are, don't try to wear mini denim skirt !!

For 'Curvy' type
Yep, don't be ashamed of your body type, because you are sexy. Uh, i wish i could have this kind of body types, but what can i do? I only have this, so let's say Thanks God hehehe. So, you can choose a stretch-denim pencil skirt that can show your body curve. Just add the same blouse or shirt that is inserted into the skirt. This style is perfect to go to the office or the hangout with your boyfriend hehehe

Pic: Dress-ala

Btw, most of my outfit that I wear and post on this blog I get from Awul-Awul aka secondhand-outfit store .... hehehe because I like really shopping there, i can get outfit the so cool-with a low budget. If you want to shop aka ngawul-awul, I've also been posting about the tips, click the link below yaaa.

Eits ... there are an additional tips from me for you who actually not too girly but wanna try stylish while wear denim skirt. You can choose the type of A-line button-front which is so hooottt. This type of denim skirt can show some illusion effect to your feet hehehe. Not too girly, so you can still look boyish.

Ah, from now on i'll give you more tips and trick about fashion on my blog hehehe if you have suggestions and ideas about what kind of tips i should write, dont forget to share in the comment bellow! because i am nothing without all of you <3 p="">

What i wear? Midi denim skirt: Thrift store | Blouse: Thrift Store | Shoes: Payless

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  1. Love banget kak the skirt type, sukaa <3


  2. Kalau petite kaya aku bagusnya yang model gimana yaaa

  3. aku ga punya maxi denim skirt sama sekali :(
    Kudu beli nih! You look so chic with that skirt <3

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

  4. aduh ada junjunganque khloe kardashians. kalo disini problems buat curvy girls adalah cari size skirt yang pas hihihi