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If you can choose which colour that can match with your personality, what's your anwers? I believe many people will choose basic colour, like white, grey or black. Me? I'm not into that colour, i prefer choose bright and colourful colour that will match with me, but lately i know that i do love basic colour. I already have a lot colourful outfit at my closet, and i think i need to buy more basic clothes and basic colour to complete my style. 
Well, if you following me you probably notice that i wear white lately. If could choose between 3 basic colour, that would be white. Maybe white will look more vintage more than the black and grey. Then, if you ask " where i could buy clothes with a lot of basic colour that can easy to mix and match?" Then i'll answer..... you can choose Love,Bonito to be your lover. 

And here i am, wearing my new lover. White Dress from Love, Bonito.

 For every first purchase from one account (register your email) you can get a special discount

 They have a lot cute clothes, and fit on me so well. If you're looking for a basic colour, simple design but still looks gorgeous, Love, Bonito is the answer.

 I really love this white dress, the design is so me. I do really love the quality, because it's really good. And the size fit me well. I do love the details, because it's so perfect. 5/5 for this amazing dress.

Thank you so much Clozette for choosing me and give me a voucher to buy a clothes from Love, Bonito. Because i do really love this white dress. If you wanna buy their lovely clothes, please take a look their website

What i wear? Dress: Love, Bonito | Heels: Amazara | Hat: Luna

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