New hair?

7:26 PM

New hair .......well i'm not going to say that i love this hair, but i will say that i feel comfort with it. The shortest hair-cut i ever have. hahahah so many people ask me why? why? why? i said don't worry, it will grow again <3 p="">by the way, found me here: Snapchat : Deniathly and : Deniathly 
Thank you :)

what i wear? Dress : Waikiki | Bag : butiq | Shoes : Pollux

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  1. Wah I just cut my hair a lot shorter too

  2. sooo beautiful with your new hair Nia! Suddenly pengen potong rambut juga pendek karena susah banget ngerawat rambut panjang kalo pake hijab, tapi sayang sih sebenarnya :') ♥

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