Thanks to Love

8:59 PM

" If you're going to fall in love with me, please don't just fall in love with my eyes. Don't just fall in love with how i look or how i dress everyday. Don't just fall in love with the way i smile at you. Or another things that make you stare at me like i'm the most amazing girl in this world. Fall in love with my baid hair, fall in love with my body that never be perfect, or fall in love with how i act like a child, how i get jealous easly, how i always mad at a small thing like why you didn't reply my chat as fast as i do, or how i complain if you wear something that i don't like at all. How i make a bad dirty jokes, or how i try to dance in front of you but not really good. Fall in love with my bad attitude, fall in love with every part of me, both good or bad. Fall in love with the whole of me, or don't fall in love at all "

I'm sorry if i always write about love or something like that. Not a kind of 'drama queen' but i love making something like that. I love to write a love story, a poetry or anything about love. Because love is everywhere, not just for your boy or girl, but also you parents, or family or even your pets ( God will always be first ) Yes, love is in the air, baby *halah*   So, don't be mad if you found someone who always talk about love, because wherever you go, as far as you go, and whenever it is, you will always find love. And thanks to love, because love brings you here, in this world #iykwim :) Love makes you strong even it also makes you weak, but believe me, love will never hurt you ( because people do, not love ) Then if you are that kind of person who hate love so much, please don't. Just hate the person that hurt you ( i mean about hating people, it's all up to you ) Always remember that God will always love you and give you His love. There's no people live in this world without love. So, what's your love story ? :D

What i wear? Outer : Gogirl! | Top : Unbranded | Jeans : Hardware | Shoes : Amanda Jane's | bag : Naughty

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