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5:29 PM

you have a long hair? and sometimes you feel so bored with your hair and then you cut your hair to be short. somehow, you feel so comfortable with your short hair, because its not too hard to have a short hair, not take a long time to dry your hair, and you don't have to go to salon, creambath, or anything like that. but sometimes, you regret that you cut your long hair. so what you gonna do if you feel like that?
i ever feel that way, to me as a girl is like a crown. if you lose or have a bad crown, you will feel bad too, because you have a bad one. at that moment, you want your long hair back, but not so fast to have your hair back to long....its take a little bit long time ...

so what you gonna do if you? there's only one way! you have to use hair extensions!
what type? what if that hair extensions didn't have a good quality? which one is good and can be bought, and also have an affordable price?

well....there's one an online shop, selling hair extensions with a grade-quality! its , click the link to see their website and bought a great hair extenstions.

you don't have to worry about their product, because they are selling a very good hair extentions with 100% Human Hair. These are their products, such as clip in hair, Micro Ring/Loop Hair, Tape Hair, stick tip hair, nail tip hair, Weft Waving Hair, PU Remy Hair ,and Indian remy hair. 

which one you wanna have? curly? straight? because SeekHair also provide different lengths and various colors and styles to meet all the customers’ needs. visit their website and don't worry about all pictures, because its all the actual products you will receive.

you have your hair coloured? SeekHair also provide the Hair Extensions Colour Chart for your reference, but its still a little hard to figure out a perfect match to your own hair colour just by judging the picture on screen, don't have to worried!! because SeekHair give you an extra service, you can send them a photo of your hair colour. and they will judge, which colour would be the best for you. is that so easy, and fun to bought their hair extenstions? :D

wow!! there is an extra service again!!! provides hair extensions length guidelines. There are Curly Vs. Straight Hair Extension and also Short Vs. Medium& Long Hair

and also this is one of their super great product, its Pre Bounded Hair Extentions . did you see? looks like a real hair, right? yes! because they are selling a very good hair extentions, and so comfortable if you use it!

if you have bought their product, and you don't know how to take care of it, hhmmmm again and again i will to tell you that you don't have to worry about it, because they also give you an article about how to care your hair extentions..

its time to get your short hair back to long hair again, girls!! so what are you waiting for and afraid about?? Grab your favorite hair style there! and make it yours....enjoy your shopping time, girls! :D

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  1. Looksnetersting. xa

  2. Oh very cool store many thanks for share dear,

  3. Lovely denim overall! xx

  4. Love your look, dear. So cute! :3

  5. love your denim dress! cute

    Hope you could check my blog and follow me if you like it :)

  6. hair extension is indeed the best solution to grow our hair quickly lol. looking great ;)
    iyaa semoga some day bs meet up ya! ke jkt doong hehe


  7. i want to have hair extentions, because i feel bored with my short hair. hihi
    anyway, love your outfit dear, you looks gorgeous <3

  8. These extensions looks fabulous! Have a beautiful new year!