Cheers to The New Year!

12:37 PM

WELCOME 2014 !! 

and for 2013...thank you so much! 
I 've been on the end of your time , finally I could enjoy in 2013 . Thanks for all the sweet and bitter memories in 2013 , God . I learned a lot this year . I can create a learning organization , I could learn to make responsible for something , I could always learn to make split time , I can always appreciate learning for time , I could learn to know which is more important and which ones unimportant  , I learned to appreciate my self . Thank you for all that I 've learned , whether it is painful or happy . I learned to understand my own self , learn to know what I wanted , I could be a big girl now , I learned to not crying for all things , I learned to stop caring for the things that I should not care , I learned to know which is good for me and what does not , I also learned to appreciate the decision for someone else , I learned to be grateful.. though sometimes difficult , I learned to understand that everything in this world its not always going according to my plan , I also learned to accept things in this world, one lesson.... that until now I still can't handle it ..... I learned to choose, which one should I choose to live and where are not . I'm still learning for that one, Lord .

Thank you . Thank you so much for all the valuable lessons that I get in 2013 . Thanks for the cries and laughter in this year . Thank you, You have give me the greatest people around me . I became a more mature than I was previously . Thank you , to allowed me feel my 20th this year . Thank you for giving me the experiences of this extraordinary year . Thank you give me Mom and Dad who will always love me all the time . Thank you for giving a long time so I could enjoy the New Year's Eve 2014. Thank God ....Thank you very much .

May all who haven't been good at this year (2013) could turn out to be better in 2014. Hopefully more and more goodness to come. "2013" Thank you so much and Good Bye :)Welcome 2014 ^ ^

What i wear? Top: Viola | Skirt: Viola | Bag: Matahari dept Store | Shoes: Fly

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  1. Cute look! Loving your bag<3

    Happy New Year 2014,

  2. Happy new year :)

  3. aww so sweet and cute look, it reminds me of Taylor Swift <3 Happy New Year!

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  4. I love your style! Pastel colour with tartan skirt is nice!

  5. Cute look :D btw suka sepatunya >.<

    Btw Happy New Year :D

  6. nice skirt

    happy new year sweetie

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  7. happy new year!
    absolutely love the skirt:) very chic.

    lots of love xx

  8. casually chic as usual!xx

  9. Great look! I love your shoes - great choice for this outfit. I love what you did with your hair too. You look gorgeous!

  10. Happy new year dear! Stay happy and healthy ya :) Love the tone of your outfit.

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  11. happy new yeaaar! love your peach top the color is sooo cute :D

  12. happy new year cantik ♥

  13. What a lovely outfit! happy belated new year 2014 too!

  14. happy new year! love your skirt so much, very vintage <333