Laseca Salon and Spa

11:05 AM

Who doesn't love to go to salon and spa? Every girl always love spending their "me time" at salon and spa. Me as a busy girl ( hahaha just kidding ) i mean, i was busy lately because i have a lot work to do at my campus, i don't really have time to go to spa or salon or another me time even at my home, so sad :( but, last week i've got an invitation ( Thanks to Mba Stella ) from Laseca Salon and Spa, to try their new place with the new concept. Who doesn't know Laseca? Everyone knows. and we as a girl, doesn't have to feel worry about the place, because it's girl only! Thanks God, and also big Thanks to Laseca to give me the treatment when i feel so bad about my self because so hard to have "me time". How about the treatment? I recommend you to come. You can find their new branch at Jl. Hadidarsono no. 7, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta. Once again, Thank you so much Laseca :)

*me before the treatment* 

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