Monochrome on November

1:21 PM

Hellow November. This is the first outfit post on November. Hopefully this month is full of color and not like my outfit. Amin. I will say thank you for October, thanks for the happiness. This month will be a-busy-month because i always have a lot works to do as a college student, it's a little hard to be a broadcast student, because all about time and deadline, oh kill me T.T hahahaha and talk about time, i am that kind of person who hate people who never appreciate time, i am that "on-time person" , so i hate ngaret ngaret, they just can't come on time, yes i hate waiting. why i always try to come on time because i hate waiting people so i know that feeling and i don't wanna them wait for me. a lot of people make me dissapointed about that :( people say "Makanya jangan beli jam karet, biar on time!" hahahha well forget it! i will like you as long as you can come on time :p 

Photo by Adam Fajari

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