10:24 AM

Umbrella. I will like that. You don't have to be worried about the sun or rain or everything that will hurt you, i wil protect you like an Umbrella. I will be there for you, but i knew, i can't protect all of you because you need a home, not an umbrella. Well, make me a home for you, make me a sweet home. Then you will be saved for forever. But, how long for forever? Sometimes it just for one second. How long will an Umbrella wait for being a sweet home. Need to be patient, need to wait. But you need to make a decision, until when i need to wait. 

Well, long time no post anything. I knew i'm on holiday right now, but i'm kinda busy with my training for became an announcer ( but now it's done because i have to choose between training or my college, sorry to say but of course i have to choose my college, that's priority ) and then this week i have to go to Jakarta for Study Banding (Monday-Friday) Visit some of Television and Radio's Station ( Indosiar, TV Parlemen, MustangFM, OZ Radio and TVRI ) such an unforgetable experience. But to be honest, if i think about i have to work there at Jakarta, i will be crazy because after all this time i never live in a city that so crowded, and then everything are expensive. Yogyakarta is the best place for me :') 

This photo taken by my boy. at Candi Abang and Candi Ijo ( You can search on Google about this place, Candi Ijo is recomended for you if you are bored with Prambanan and Borobudur haha ) 

what i wear? Top : mom's closet | Skirt : Vintage store | Shoes : Kickers | Bag : Naughty 

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    Nice tones !!

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  2. Its been many days I was away from posting in blogs, and now when I am back I see your lovely pics. amazing photos. love the vintage skirt.

    xo sabbi

  3. Nice one! I love your concept about the umbrella and home. It hooked me 'til the end :)

    Please check out my latest post. Hope you'll read what I wrote on my blog, too. I'd love to hear something from you :)
    The Girl Behind the Pen

  4. Wow, so amazing photos.

  5. Obsessed with your skirt. You look so chic!

  6. I know how hard it is to make trade-offs--best of luck to you! I love your use of props in this post--the umbrella and ballons are so arsty. I also love the way you edit your photos--they're so calming!