Another way to Roma

5:55 PM

what if your dream come true? what would you do? and what if your dream never be true, as long as you tried you always failed. you walk in a way that should be right but at the end you always be wrong. and then everything you wanna do just crying all day, you feel sick and don't wanna meet anyone. you just wanna lay in your bed, and think what should you do next, and maybe you won't do anything again. While everyone catch their dream, you just sitting there on your bed alone. Me? i ever felt this. and please don't ask me how many times, because it always happen to me. try and try but i always failed. how do i feel? sad, of course. mad? don't ask please. dissapointed, yes! with my self. and then what should i do? try again of course. but to be honest i don't know which way i should go? i can't even think about it again. Maybe i should try to go another way. like, if you wanna be a bird and you know you can fly, and you always failed make a wing, then maybe you should try to make a big balloon to make you fly with it. if you can have a wing, then you can have another thing that will make you fly. that's what i learn yesterday. Well, there are so many way to go to Roma, but not everyone can go there with a jet plane. people who are not lucky have to walk with their foot to go to roma. While, maybe i am that person who will walk with my foot but i believe with effort, i will get there really soon :) Kegagalan itu kesuksesan yang tertunda, benar tidak ? :D 

What i wear? Dress: Vintage Shop | Bag : Gowigasa | Boots : J.Rep 

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  1. Agree! baca postmu ini bikin keinget skripsi deh. Belum ambil sih, tapi udah galau duluan. was was dapat pembimbing siapa nanti :(
    anyway, dress-mu lucu bangeeet. where to buy? ada onlineshop-nya nggak? :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

    1. semangat! hihihi
      ga ada sayang :( aku jarang belanja online hihi

  2. Beautiful sundress. So perfect for springtime!