12:42 PM

Not a pinky-person. But i guess it's okay if a girl wearing pink stuff, right? hahaha my mom always complaing why i don't like pink. Well, i never say that i don't like or even hate it, just prefer another color than this color. But if this is the only color, i don't mind wearing it. *peace* Wish this semester will end soon. So i can do what i have to do. By the way, i will move to Jakarta (to work as a broadcast student, kind of practical work) just for 2 months i guess. Bismillah.  

What i wear? Top : Unbranded | Outwear : Gogirl! | Pants : Waikiki | Shoes : Diadora

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  1. look so sporty and casual

  2. looking so cute from head to toe as always Nia! :D miss you!

    Pudding Monster

  3. You look so cute. love the pink top!

  4. Pink! Love how you mix match the gogirl outerwear Nia ^^
    Good luck for your practical work dear ♥

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  5. Your top is so cute❤