Your Happiness

4:10 PM

Hey, i have a new account on (you can follow me there @deniathly , i'll follow you back) by the way, about a new account,, a few days ago i found an account there (not telling who is she) but i read all her answer about being rich or married with a rich man is an important thing in this world. I don't know who she is, i'm not gonna judge her about what she thought about being like that is really that important, and also she said that as a girl we have to choose the right man  while their trying to get our heart , is his wealth. Is all up to her, or anyone else who's agree with her, but i'm not. I mean.....being with a rich man or a man who have a lot of money is not really the point of get a happy life. What's really important for me is his heart, how could we live with a rich man if he's not have a heart for us? No, money can't buy anything such as a good heart. It's just like a bonus if you can get a man who already has a lot of money. But, how if you get your true love and you and him can make a lot of money together. We must go through a long process but i know it is worthy! Well, as i said before i'm not going to judge her not said that she was wrong. I just doesn't agree, because i have my own opinion about it. So, whatever it is, you deserve to choose what path that will lead you to your happiness. Because everyone have their own version of happiness. Just don't forget to always smile and Thank to God! 
Happy Weekend (not yet, lol) and God bless you all!

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