Proud of yourself

10:49 AM

There's a question about what make you so proud of yourself? Then, What it is? It's not mean that you are being so arrogant or prove to the other what kind of people are you so they will be so jealous. But for me, it's to prove to yourself that have something on you and you proud of it. You proud to be yourself, and you are not that kind of people who always jealous of the other. Wanna be the other girls, or push yourself to have something that you can't have, to be something that it's not you. Try to make people see you but in the wrong way to prove it. Well, first what you have to do is proud of yourself, proud being what you are, because you are you and not someone else. Everyone always have something to be proud of. So, back to the question, what make you so proud of yourself? To be honest, at first i can't even look at my self and found something special that make me so proud of my self. But i always try to find it, and now i know what it is. I have love and i proud of it, it's a simple thing i knew, but it makes me proud of being me. While the other have everything in their live but they don't have love while i have a lot of love from the people around me. I also proud of being a girl, you know maybe it's bit hard to understand why girl always like that and like this but i proud of it. By the way, not only love and being a girl, there are a lot things that i found and makes me proud of my self, i just can't mention it one by one here. You just have to find something that makes you proud of yourself. And i knew, everyone in this world are born to be special :)

What i wear? T-shirt : Unbranded | Skirt : OB | Bag : Gowigasa | Shoes : Otani | Vest : Unbranded

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  1. Love your top!


  2. You look beautiful. That skirt is stellar!

  3. you look super amazing as always Nia! :) kangen nihhh kamu juga tambah kece banget woiii

    Pudding Monster