Thanks to Allah

11:02 AM

First, let me say ALHAMDULILLAH. Thanks to Allah, thanks for everything that He give to me. At the beginning of the month, Allah give me everything that i need (and also what i want) First, I have a job as a content writer ( yes, to be a writer is always be my dream ) for a company ( its a Radio that have a website and etc ) to be a part of Radio Company is also my dream job but for now i don't have to tell you the detail of the job,right? hehe one say i will post it on my blog the detail of it but thanks to you all my reader and thanks to my blog, because maybe without blog i will never learn how to write a story and there are all of you that read it, thank you so much<3 .="" 1="" a="" after="" and="" as="" at="" called="" citra="" different="" eid="" for="" from="" i="" indonesia="" interns="" it="" kerja="" month.="" or="" p="" practical="" praktik="" rajawali="" s="" second="" something="" start="" televisi="" that="" we="" will="" work="">I don't know how many times that i will say Thank you to Allah, how many times i pray it will not enough i know, but i promise to myself that i will always give the best for me and both of my parents. I will always try to be the best and never give up. And i also know that at the past i always fail, fail and fai. How many times i tried and failed, please don't ever ask me to count it because it's too much so i don't really remember hahaha but thanks for all my failed experience, now i'm strong enough HAHAHA. You know, if you have faith that someday you will be succeed, then you will :)
it's all just the beginning of my way to be succeed, i have faith and i promise i'll do my best! Fighting ^^

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