Hi! Miss You!

1:05 PM

Halohaaaa! how are you ? do you miss me or anything about my post? If yes thank you so much, if no hahahah well you have! because i miss you, i miss all of you and all my blog activity. As you read before, in my previous post i've told you that i've got a new job as a content writer and yeaah i love this job because as a blogger i do love writing (anything) and of course this is also my dream job. Thanks to Allah. But you know, it makes me busy and doesnt have time to take a picture for my blog. I've been busy with my job and everything about college. Thanks to Allah again, i've passed the test yeaaaay! now i'm in 7th Semester and i'm happy for it. I wish i can get my graduation next year. AMIN. 
I can't tell you more about how happy i am. Because while i write this post, i always smile. You know what, i post this from my office hahaha am i that busy? :| 
Oh, i forgot to say Happy fasting to all of you who celebrate. Happy Fasting and I'm so sorry for all my mistake that i made. Love you all :* 

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  1. Cute simple outfit!<3


  2. Your style is simple yet classy <3


  3. Welcome back! Working has taken away some of my time too here, but as long as you love what you do it's okay tho :) Btw you totally pulled off this look!


  4. omgg, am i late? congrats for u!!
    better late than never right?
    anyway, good luck ya kak biar next year bisa graduation!!

    much love,

  5. omgg, am i late? congrats for u!!
    better late than never right?