Go....i'll be fine

10:45 AM

You know, i'm not a daddy-girl anymore. I've grown up and know what's the best for me. I even not stupid to know everything. It thought everything will be fine, i'll be okay. But, that day.... when i know the truth, again and again. I feel so stupid. How can i trust someone who is always hurting me? Now, i don't have a courage to give my trust to anyone. Not even someone that i love so much. I feel so stupid, because all this time i thought that everything is clear. There's nothing wrong but i was wrong about it. You know, this crying baby can turn into a monster if you hurt her again and again. 
Please... just go away from my life. I don't even need you, i can take care of my self. I'll be fine without you because all this time, i can handle it by myself. Don't worry, i won't forget it and won't ever forgive it. It's not the first time, right? You did it again and again. Just do what you wanna do, i don't care. I Won't care about you anymore. I have someone who love me so much know, and i don't need your love. If you truly love me, you won't hurt me, again and again. Go.... I'll be fine :)

P.S : I'm not talking about my boy. He's fine and i love him <3>

What i wear? Top: Unbranded | Dress: Secondhand | Shoes: Donatelo 

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