What Do You Mean

5:30 PM

" What do you mean? When you nod your head yes. But you wanna say no. What do you mean? Heeey When you don’t want me to move. But you tell me to go. What do you mean? What do you mean? Said we’re running out of time What do you mean? What do you mean? Better make up your mind What do you mean? You’re so indecisive of what I’m saying Trying to catch the beat, make up your heart. Don't know if you're happy, or complaining. " - What Do You Mean (Justin Bieber) 

Because i don't really know what i have to write, i'll just share you my favorite song. By the way, when i love the song it's not because of the singer but because that song itself. Justin Bieber's song is just so me....hahaha you know the girl. and yes i am a girl, girl will always like that, right? She will always say whatever she doesn't wanna say. When she say yes its mean no, when she say no its mean maybe, or whatever like that. So, that's the reason why i love his song. And about Justin Bieber, he grow up so well and became a cool one :p 

What i wear? Top: Jolie | Pants: Cloth inc | Bag: Butiq | Shoes: Pollux

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  1. Hmm, it's currently in my playlist too. And ya I just realized just now about the lyrics, hahaha. Nice blog, dear. :D