Cocomelody's Wedding Dress

11:37 AM

Can you imagine how beautiful your wedding one day? Every girls have their own wedding's dream with the one who she loved the most. And of course you always wanna be perfect on your special day, you will spend all your money on that. Because it's only happen once in your life. So, what do you think about how you look? There are so many online store who sell many beautiful wedding dress, but i have one of my favorite one, It's cocomelody. It wont be the same to the others. You can check out their website now and you'll find so many dress that will make you look so pretty on your special day. 

And you know what? Getting married on a beach it's my dream. Because if you follow my Instagram, you'll know how much i love beach and spend my whole holiday there. As i said before, my favorite online store have the dress that i want. Yes i can find my favorite beach wedding dresses . Aaaah! i can't wait till my special day if i look at their collection :')

And if one of you are planning to get married next year, you should check their 2016 wedding dresses. OMG! i couldn't stop thinking how pretty i am when i wear their collection. How about you girls?

Cocomelody give you a lot of choice of wedding dress, including Romantic Lace, Illusion Necklines, Floral, Blush, Long Sleeves, Peplums, etc. They give you ne designs and top quality of fabrics. You will look more than just pretty on your wedding's day! 

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  1. Wahh dressnya bisa jadi inspirasi untuk nyari dress yang serupa nihhh. thankyou infonya dear :)