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Hmmm... may i talk about wedding again? hahaha because i found it interesting. Why? Yeah you know.... it's my dream and the other girls, including you, right? Have you ever in that situation when most of your friends getting married but you've done nothing. (upss....) Not because you don't want to, but maybe you have a lot reason why you haven't do it. Not having a boyfriend (yet), or maybe you have to focus to yourself fisrt, on your job or your parents didn't allow you to get married soon... 

Me? Honestly, i wanna get married as soon as possible hehehe but reality didn't allow me to...and my parents didn't want me to get married at the young age ( because i am the only child, you know.... ) So, it's all my dream that will be came true one day.. yeah one day... hahaha But it's not all your fault if you dream it, right? You can also dream about what kind of dress will you wear at your special day. 

and..... i found it beautiful, the dress from Cocomelody , ah i want it! i want it! They have so many beautiful dress and i know that it will suit me well. I will look so beautiful on my wedding's day, because i wear that beautiful dress. And you have to know my wild dream (hahaha wild?) i wanna wear that sexy dress, yes! i want to wear a sexy dress on my wedding's day. Like low back wedding dresses from cocomelody! OMG! it's so cute and also sexy! 

Not only that, i also found backless gown there! Oh My God!!!! I can't stop imagine how beautiful and sexy i am. Ups... can my husband handle it? :p

And what's good about cocomelody is they also have special offers for you if you buy their dress. They give you a big discount! yeah, i know you love that discount and sale ( every girls will love it, right? hahaha ). You just have to go to their website and click that Sale button. Tadaaaaa, you will see so many cute dress.... ssstttt with a special price :p 

Go go! Check out their website to get your beautiful wedding dress..... 

P.S : ssstt... i will order it soon :P 

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  1. what a lovely dresses!
    Really Nia, you want to get married asap??
    I dont want to get married asap but my parents always ask me to marry soon T_T

    My Little Cream Button ♥